John Klezmer, also known as, “KLEZ”, is an Indie Soul/R&B singer songwriter from the Bay Area.  KLEZ was raised playing multiple instruments and listening closely to his family’s music collection, which included the likes of Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye, Bill Withers, Smokey Robinson, and the Motown and Stax legends who paved the way for generations of Soul and R&B artists to come.

In his early teens, KLEZ took his immense love of soul music and began developing his own original sound.  Over time and through introspective soul searching and life experience, KLEZ honed his skills as a lyricist, composer and performer. As the story goes, KLEZ spent his summer of 2015 not at the beach or on a party vacation like his college mates, but holed up in his home studio writing song ideas, making sketch demos and finding his true musical identity while vibing on his favorite soul classics.  KLEZ’s work ethic and creative process is similar to that of Brian Wilson, when he was channeling Pet Sounds – or Marvin, when he feverishly penned meaningful songs with hard hitting lyrical concepts such as, “What’s Going On.”


As KLEZ wanted more from modern music, this drive to deliver songs and recordings, packed with emotion and meaning led him to form a collaborative creative relationship with British writer/producer Roger Gisborne.  KLEZ likens the relationship to that of Mark Ronson’s with Amy Winehouse or Bruno Mars.  The relationship of likeminded collaborators sharing the same vision and passion for soul music, has allowed KLEZ to further refine his songwriting and perfect his effortless falsettos, taking his sound and style to a new level.  

This collaborative effort has also resulted in the production of an EP that features songs full of memorable and infectious melodies and thought provoking lyrics. The production can be described as, rhythmic, electronic and organic indie soul, featuring authentic and timeless vocal performances. “Not a ‘copy and paste’” says Gisborne, who is producing the EP with his co-producers in his Los Angeles studios.  

KLEZ firmly believes that music can create a positive change in the world, and he seeks to spread a message that people of all ages and backgrounds can understand and feel.  KLEZ believes that, “Music is the universal language that can unite people around the world and make them feel emotion.” According to KLEZ, “If my music can emotionally take you to a different place, then I am doing my job right.”

KLEZ is presently finishing a double major in recording arts and music industry at CSU, Chico. In his spare time, he hosts a popular podcast on KCSC called, “Old Soul New World,” which can be found on iTunes.

KLEZ’s debut EP, Here Right Now, was released in May 2016. The title track from the EP caught the attention of television executives and was featured in a promo for the finale of ABC primetime show Castle in May 2016. After a run of summer 2016 shows in southern California at well-known venues like Los Angeles’ Hotel Cafe, the Satellite, The Mint, and Hard Rock Hotel San Diego, KLEZ plans on returning to his final semester of study at California State University, Chico. He will be squeezing in some Bay Area shows and regular Sofar Sounds performances between classes in the fall. His second EP is currently in production and is set to be released in the first quarter of 2017.




KLEZ – “Loaded Gun” Single EP Release by Sound x 3 Records on March 25, 2016


Chico, California. Singer/songwriter, John Klezmer A/K/A, “KLEZ” debuts his break out single, “Loaded Gun” via Sound x 3 Records (The Orchard/Sony) worldwide on March 25, 2016. The “Loaded Gun” Digital 45 contains 2 mixes and will lead the launch of KLEZ’ debut EP, Here Right Now, which is set for release in May, 2016. There are also plans for a separate Digital 45 will feature 2 alternate version with a more up close and intimate recreation of the song both sure to be classics. The “Loaded Gun” 45’s track listing is as follows:

  1. Loaded Gun (Original)
  2. Loaded Gun (Alternate)
  3. Loaded Gun (Where Do We Go From Here?)
  4. Loaded Gun (Where Do We Go From Here?) Acoustic

The single, “Loaded Gun” was initially written and recorded in Chico, California by KLEZ with writer/producer, Roger Gisborne a British transplant, based in Los Angeles, who describes KLEZ’ sound as, “indie soul featuring effortless, smooth falsettos reminiscent of old Motown greats, fused with organic instrumentation and electronic elements over a sonic soundscape of beat driven production that intoxicates the mind. The songwriting is thought provoking lyrically and melodically captivating, with stunning choruses, evoking artists such as Hozier, James Blake and Son Little.”

The final production and mixing was handled by Gisborne’s Merchants of Venice Entertainment (M.O.V.E.) production team in Los Angeles. The initial and original single release contains tracks created by Aaron Edwards (Rock Mafia, Sick Puppies, The Cab, AWOLNATION, Black Veiled Brides, Trace Cyrus, Far East Movement and others). According to KLEX mastering/mixer Rob Beaton, KLEZ is, “A lot of pop, a bit of gospel, a pinch of soul, a dash of hip hop and a powerhouse of a voice, KLEZ leaps out of the speakers and sucks you in with his dynamic performances and highly crafted songs.”

An alternate mix of the single features the work of M.O.V.E. producer Dylan Kelly, which will be included in the 5-track single EP release, along with three other mixes. Certain vocal and instrumental tracks have been made available to fans to compete for cash prizes and a chance to be part of a remix release for Sound x 3 Records, for more info go to Official Remix Contest

The video for “Loaded Gun,” which will be released simultaneously with the “Loaded Gun” single EP, was shot in several locations in Los Angeles and San Francisco by Raphael Diaz, Sound x 3 Head of Visual Arts.   The video features a cameo by former Sound x 3 recording artist, Jared Martin and current Discovery Channel AV editor, who edited Diaz’ footage for the original single produced by Aaron Edwards, while Diaz edits the video for the alternate mix. The video teasers can be viewed on https://www.facebook.com/KLEZmusic/ and on his Youtube Channel.

KLEZ initially recorded a holiday single for Sound x 3 in fall 2015, which was ultimately used by CSU, Chico in connection with a highly successful holiday marketing campaign for alumni and incoming students and was featured on Action News TV with his producer and writing collaborator, Roger Gisborne. KLEZ was invited to appear in the University’s annual holiday production, “Glorious Sounds of the Seasons” and was also offered several other high profile engagements, including performances and/or appearances on the local NPR station, KCHO, KHSL-TV and the college radio station, KCSC. KLEZ has received favorable coverage in the North State media. Per Marc Blaine, KHSL-TV, Action News Now Reporter, “John Klezmer is a talented singer-songwriter on the cusp of making his mark in the music industry. I heard him perform for the first time while covering the story of the making of his original holiday song, now in 2016 KLEZ projects a cool vibe on his debut single “Loaded Gun” along with his soulful voice the song captures your attention immediately.” See press links at Klezartist.com

KLEZ’ single, “Loaded Gun” is presently being serviced to college radio and specialty radio and has already been added by CMJ reporting college radio stations, such as KCSC.   According to Breanna Gonzales, KCSC Music Director, “KLEZ beautifully intertwines Jazz and soul elements into contemporary pop with his new single “Loaded Gun.” KLEZ’s singer-songwriter talent will ring in the ears of any listener. “Loaded Gun” is just the beginning of his bright musical career.” This tragic story of love and loss will leave you wanting more as the final notes of the chorus fade into silence, and all you are left with is the sound of your own heavy breathing” says, DJ Khaleb, who recently interviewed KLEZ on his show, The Takeover.   “Loaded Gun” is available to college and commercial radio beginning March 7th, and will reach street audiences March 25th.

John at motor studios

KLEZ, a 21 year-old Music Industry & Technology/Recording Arts double major at Chico State hailing from the Bay Area says, “If my music can emotionally take you to a different place, then I am doing my job right.” KLEZ hosts the popular podcast, “Old Soul New World,” which can be found on iTunes. KLEZ is also a 2-time winner of the “Chico Unplugged Singer Songwriter Series”, which is where Gisborne discovered him while guest judging.

john at DT

KLEZ has several live shows slated ahead including: an International Festivals & Events Association Sustainability Fair at the Trinity Commons, Wednesday, March 23, 2016; an Associated Students performance on March 30, 2016; a KCSC Bomb Shelter event TBD; a headline slot at the SOTA Productions/DCBA/CN&R’s “Keep Chico Creative” Music and Arts Festival at the Downtown Plaza in Chico on Thursday, April 21, 2016. KLEZ enjoys performing at singer songwriter hangs such as the Hotel Utah in San Francisco and the Freight and Salvage in Berkeley. Stay tuned for the announcement of the Bay Area record release party for the Here Right Now EP.

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“Holidays Are Here Again”, the new holiday single from KLEZ is a tantalizing instant classic reminiscing of times gone by, where people were kinder, snow was whiter, smiles were brighter and houses had a warmth that cleared away the biting chill of the cold outside. As you hear of the “city lit, shining bright” picture the warm embrace of your loved ones and dive into the holidays with KLEZ as they are indeed here again. Happy Holidays to you and yours from KLEZ and Sound x 3.