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Klez In The News

“Featuring catchy brass sections, with upbeat dance worthy rhythms and lyrics that’ll be stuck in your head all day long, ‘Ain’t Nobody’s Fool’ is the ultimate dance anthem. The single also exemplifies Klez’s sexy and soulful vocals and highlights his impressive range.”
– Huffington Post

“The incredibly soulful track relies on organic instrumentation, huge chants, powerful vocals and a driving energy to grab hold from the very beginning”
– Rockdafuqout

“Anyone searching for a contemporary sound that has the heft of classic Motown and the lyrical sharpness that typical of the very best indie pop will likely find a lot to love with John “Klez” Klezmer’s music.”

“A glorious collision of 50’s-tinged funk that immediately uplifts proceedings. It is undeniably catchy, and very easy to enjoy”
– Sounds Good

“John Klezmer simply oozes cool with this latest single.”
— Belwood Music

“Channeling the laid back cool of soulful r ‘n’ b…”
— We Kno Music

“Singer Klez brings together new soul and retro and reminiscent of the glory days of Motown translated from Dutch)”
— This Made My Day (Dutch)

“…bursting with flavors with a powerful punch of blues and jazz-infused tune.”
— R Beatz

“ It’s a rhythmic, feel-good, soul adventure, which sounds authentic and timeless.”
— Jansen’s Jams

“…Klez delivers upbeat and energetic performances that are reminiscent of the old Motown greats.”
— Funcheap SF

“The music offered by Klez must not be missed by the audience in Örebro. Klez is one of the strongest bands we have ever booked at the festival.”
— Live At Heart (Swedish)

“Klez was what the audience was gossiping about this year, and his live show on Swedish radio was one of my top five moments at the festival over my 7 years.”
— Peter Åstedt, Internation Coordinator on Live At Heart (Swedish)

“Ain’t Nobody’s Fool, is a jaunty romp that evokes the height of Motown blended with a ‘spectacular now’ interpretation of indie pop.
— The Record Stache